Timorex Gold Biofungicide Now a Tool for California Growers

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Summit Agro USA has announced registration in California for Timorex Gold, its botanical broad-spectrum fungicide. The biofungicide product, which is used in nearly 40 countries worldwide, provides control of many common fungal and bacterial diseases including powdery mildews, early blight, and Botrytis in a wide range of crops.

According to Summit Agro, the development of Timorex Gold was based on a complex blend of natural chemicals from a plant extract from the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). The product features a wide range of features and benefits that include:

  • Multiple modes of action
  • Control of a wide range of plant pathogens, particularly bacterial and ascomycete diseases
  • Resistance management
  • No residues; no MRL
  • No measurable effect on beneficial insects and bees
  • Easily adapted into sustainable and IPM practices
  • Non-persistent in the environment

“Timorex Gold has been specifically formulated to keep early season disease pressures low,” said Fred Yates, Summit Agro Marketing Manager, in a prepared news release. “It also can be used late in the season due to its short PHI and REI requirements.”

Timorex Gold is sold exclusively through Helena Agri-Enterprises and Tenkoz members companies.