Our commitment to PURE Intel Plus clients has been to continually improve and enhance the application that we launched two years ago.

With the July release you will find a number of new features that are designed to deliver additional value and benefits to our users. Features include:

New Grower Detail Downloading Options – The Grower Pathway now allows you to more easily export detail on growers including planted acres, brands used, crops, and treated acres.  These new dashboards allow you to filter your selection based on planted acres as well as our other standard filtering capabilities.  The resulting criteria is easily exported as an Excel document.

Grower Detail – Planted Acres

Grower Detail – Treated Acres



Filtering by Month – All dashboards now have the capability to filter based the month of application as opposed to quarter.  This new feature provides the benefit of allowing users to identify brands being used in a given time period by traditional quarter, a single month or a customized time period.


Detail Mapping Added – Tableau’s new satellite mapping capabilities have been incorporated into PURE Intel Plus.  You can now identify the locations of each production site for growers throughout the state. This allows you to identify more precisely where products are being used.


Grower Search by Permit Number – Some growers have very similar names but are actually different entities.  As an example – Harris Farms, Harris Family Farms, Harris Orchards, and Harris Vineyards.  To help users more accurately identify these operations we have added a filter tied to the Pesticide User Permit Number.


Year Over Year Display of Brands Used – A common request has been for PURE Intel Plus to be able to display year over year brands used by a specific grower.  In other words, if a particular grower stopped using Intrepid 2F insecticide, what brand or brands did they switch to?  PURE Intel Plus now includes a dashboard that clearly displays this information, thus making it easy to visualize the year over year changes in brands used by a particular ranch.  You’ll find this new dashboard linked to the Monitoring Brand Usage and Grower Search dashboards.

Grower YOY

Product YOY