California Growers Get New Bactericide, Fungicide

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California farmers have another bactericide and fungicide option with the approval of Instill fungicide. Instill, distributed by Sym-Agro, is a systemic copper product that is approved for use on nut trees, fruit trees, citrus, leafy vegetables, and berries.

Sym-Agro says that what makes Instill unique is its formulation makes the copper more active, so much lower doses of copper are required to provide the same level of disease control. Instill provides up to 21 days of residual control.

Sym-Agro says key benefits of Instill include:

  • Reduced phytotoxicity due to systemic/translocating technology
  • Tank mix options –due to lower pH
  • Complete plant protection from systemic movement
  • No visible residue on treated surfaces
  • Easy to handle – mixes easily and stays in solution
  • Rain-fastness
  • Reduced potential for russeting from copper residue on the plant surface

Instill’s systemic activity protects against, downy mildew, bacterial blight, fire blight, powdery mildew, botrytis, and rust. It helps reduce postharvest rots and can be used up to the day of harvest.